For so many of us, our career interest can be traced back to specific moments or experiences from childhood. You developed an interest in people after making your first friend at school, your favorite book was a gateway to another world and sparked an interest in writing, you typed a line of code on your first computer and the rest was history. Those tiny instances led you to where you are now.

The No Coast experience will serve as an incubator for those instances with interactive exhibits that allow attendees of all ages to experience tech.


Flyers and business cards are out! Exhibiting at No Coast means catching the attention of the KC Tech World in a unique and impactful way.

WHAT DOES AN exhbit look like?

Take your traditional trade show format and toss it out the window! This experience hall is filled with booths that each have an engaging activity geared toward children AND adults.

Who ARE the exhibits designed for?

The No Coast exhibits are designed to entertain children ages 5-100.

Who qualifies to exhibit?

KCTC Member Companies are more than welcome to apply.

Why should you exhibit?

Exhibiting at No Coast means creating an authentic moment for the community to connect with you brand.

Don’t have anything cool to show off?

Sponsor a non-profit or organization to showcase themselves at No Coast.